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A new beginning or the end of a relationship?

We have all fallen into the trap of sometimes treating material items better than we treat people. Yet the standstill caused by the lack of people being able to mobilise society will hopefully put into perspective that there is nothing more important in the world than people.


Often in society, when someone we know is subjected to a disaster in their life, we try and support them and say, “don’t worry, it will pass”. It is interesting to note that often when someone is going through a difficulty there is ease in their life too. This suggests that the difficulty itself sometimes provides a remedy to a problem you may face in your life. In times of crisis, such as now, we often view our life from a different perspective, and this change may allow us to find and even appreciate some ease or positivity in our lives.

This National Health Public Emergency (the Coronavirus) has and will continue to cause a considerable amount of distress and difficulty for many people around the globe. The current projections indicate that most people around the globe will be impacted in one way or another, whether it is our health or finances being affected, having a major event postponed or worse of all, losing someone unexpectedly.


The Coronavirus has highlighted three issues for me. Firstly, the importance of personal interaction between human beings. Secondly, the importance of the concept of a community. Finally, it has portrayed our vulnerability. As a result of this tragic turn of events, there has been the opportunity to consider the impact that other people have on our lives, thereby allowing us to make a more sincere effort to build more meaningful relationships with them.

The importance of human interaction was stressed by the fears people had over self-isolation or lockdown. In some cases, these fears of reduced human interaction were received worse than the prospect of food shortages.

This highlighted the importance of certain people in our lives, people whom we often take for granted due to their continuous presence around us. Hence, the time of crisis has allowed us to appreciate the people we interact with more, as during a health pandemic meeting people can become a luxury rather than a common occurrence. Yet if we were to carry the attitude with which we meet people when it is a luxury to times when it is a common occurrence, then relationships will surely become more wholesome.


I know as a family lawyer though; the converse may be true. There are many people in a relationship (be they married or not) who are unhappy and know that they should take steps to end the relationship gracefully for themselves and all those concerned. However, they are often afraid or just do not know of the consequences of doing so.

It will be, I am sure, a crisis -point for relationships in difficulty at this time as to whether they wish to remain in their relationship as the intensity of lockdown takes its toll. Either relationships will be tested as a family struggles under lockdown due to serious issues such as domestic violence or simply the realisation they cannot live together anymore or the self-isolation will prove to be a God-send to some individuals who needed the time out to reflect on their relationship and accept it might be over.

The effects felt as a result of the Coronavirus difficulty will continue to persist. However, the opportunity this provides us with, is an evaluation of the importance of the people around us.


I am a firm believer that one should not make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. I also know that to be informed and educated about your options is fundamental and empowering.

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