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Are you worried about the impact of Brexit on your business?

Piers Larbey considers some potential issues for key areas of your business…

As things stand, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union at 11:00pm (GMT) on 29th March 2019 unless the Article 50 period is extended, the United Kingdom revokes its Article 50 notice, or a withdrawal agreement is agreed and concluded between the United Kingdom and the European Union providing for a later withdrawal date.

With uncertainty continuing to reign supreme in the world of Brexit, it is important for businesses to strongly consider the potential impact of Brexit and plan for alternative scenarios. Whether directly through the trade of your business, or simply through a commercial contract or the storage or processing of data, it is unlikely that your business will not be affected in some way.

If you would like to know more, please follow the below links for further information and guidance concerning specific areas of your business which may be affected:

The information and guidance contained in this article is provided by way of general overview of the potential effects of Brexit only. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon or used in substitution for obtaining full legal advice in respect of the potential impact of Brexit on your business.

For further advice in respect of the potential implications of Brexit on your business and how best to address them, please contact Piers Larbey.