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Which Legal Structure Should I Choose?

New idea, new business? Or perhaps you are looking to scale up your existing business and want to ensure that you have the right structure in place?
There are a number of options available and choosing the right corporate vehicle for your needs is very important. The right structure could not only save you money, but also offer protection against your personal assets (such as the family home) if the business encounters difficulties.

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Is your Domicile Affecting your UK Tax Liability?

Our short guide to domicile
Why is domicile important?
Domicile is a critical consideration in establishing the extent to which an individual is liable to UK taxation. Domicile, together with the concept of residence, is used to ascertain the level of connection an individual has to the UK in order to determine the relevant basis of taxation- the closer the connection to the UK, the greater the liability to UK taxation.

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Are You GDPR Ready?

It’s the final countdown…the 25 May 2018 is now fast approaching.
It is hard to escape the fact that the imminent and hotly discussed General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are about to come into force in the UK. But how many of you know what this actually means for you and your business and what measures and actions you need to take now to avoid falling foul of these new crippling penalties for breach of this new legislation?

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