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Worker status takes an expensive turn…

Until yesterday, there were only a handful of “worker” cases. As an eminent employment QC has just stated about the case of King –v- Sash Windows in the press, this may be the decision to turn that trickle of cases into a flood.

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Tenants beware. Is a lease called a lease actually a lease?

Imagine this scenario. You, as a tenant, enter into an agreement with a landlord and you think that you have gained all the rights and privileges that are afforded to tenants under the law. The problem is that when you try and enforce those rights, you discover that you are not, in fact, a tenant at all and the “lease” is actually not a lease!!

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The Business and Property Courts of England and Wales

Staying at the heart of international dispute resolution 
As the United Kingdom prepares to exit the European Union, steps are being taken to ensure that England and Wales retains its reputation as the ‘go to’ jurisdiction for international dispute resolution.
There are many advantages to conducting litigation in England and Wales. Indeed, the Lord Chief Justice has recently commented that the overall cost of UK dispute resolution ‘compares favourably’ to alternative jurisdictions. In its present state, England and Wales is recognised as one of the fairest and most adaptable systems in the world – particularly in respect of its ability to adapt court procedures to meet the requirements of a particular case.
Irrespective of this position, the ‘business’ Courts of England and Wales previously consisted of the Commercial Court (including the Mercantile Court), the Technology and Construction Court and the courts of the Chancery Division. Whilst these courts all have different names, they all fundamentally deal with matters concerning business and property.

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The new Apprenticeship Levy; Other uses and potential issues?

The government’s new Apprenticeship Levy came into effect this year; on 6 April 2017 and applies to employers operating in the UK who have a salary bill of more than £3 Million.  A levy-paying employer must pay a 0.5% levy on their salary bill each month and as a result is given an Apprenticeship Levy allowance of £15,000 per annum to use on “applicable training”.

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