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Should Offshore clients with UK property ‘De-envelope’ to save tax?

Over the past 10 years it has been popular for non-domiciled clients to purchase residential and commercial properties in the UK through an offshore corporate entity.
This has been particularly popular with clients domiciled in Africa, Asia and the Middle East who have chosen to set up these corporate entities in the BVI, Seychelles or Jersey as single purpose vehicles through which to own and manage their properties.   Those properties either form part of their investment portfolio or a main residence to serve as a family home, especially if their children attend school in the UK. 

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Are you happy leaving your estate to the government when you die?

“I don’t need a Will, my spouse gets everything anyway”
“I don’t need a Will because I’m not worth anything”
These are two very common misconceptions. Many people think that Wills are only necessary for people with a great deal of wealth, but this is not the case. There are certain laws governing how a person’s estate is divided if they die ‘intestate’ (i.e. without a Will), which might not be what you would expect or intend. The intestacy rules determine who inherits your assets. The intestacy rules do not allow for you or your family to choose who receives your estate, which is distributed in accordance with the strict legal rules. According to statistics, one in three people die intestate in the UK every year.

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Protecting Confidential Information

You may have a valuable brand or your business may depend upon a particular product or process.  You may have already taken steps to protect these products but have you also considered your confidential information?

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