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Foreword by the Senior Partner

I hope that you are well and adapting to these unprecedented times. The coronavirus pandemic has touched every aspect of life as we know it, and for many, has brought with it a significant amount of personal upheaval that will continue long after the lockdown has ended.

At Fletcher Day, we have worked hard to rapidly convert our legal practice to a full remote working environment. This radical digital transformation has allowed us to continue to serve our clients with the highest efficiency, expertise and discretion. Over the past three months, work has continued apace, and we look forward to welcoming new clients over the summer months.

In this month’s newsletter, we cover a wide range of legal topics produced by capable lawyers within corporate, employment, real estate and family. The first article focuses on Directors’ duties and a reminder what those duties are and the potential for Directors to incur personal liability in the event of a breach of their duties. It is important to also note that these duties will remain in place regardless of the temporary relaxation of the wrongful trading provisions by the government. We then move onto the question of redundancies, and how employers who are in the unfortunate position of needing to lay off staff might approach this highly sensitive topic. Where does the law current stand, and how should companies adapt their redundancy procedures for a virtual workplace?

We also take a quick look at the new Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill 2020, which introduces the biggest reform to the UK’s Corporate Insolvency laws in 20 years. A thorough understanding of this new legislation is crucial for business leaders as the impact of the economic lockdown starts to take effect.

Moving away from the corporate arena, we finally examine how family law has been impacted by the pandemic, including the adaptation to a ‘remote working’┬Ł legal environment and the rise in post-lockdown divorce proceedings.

Fletcher Day remains very much open for business, and whatever your legal needs, we look forward to welcoming both old and new clients to both our physical office in Cannon Street and to our new digital law practice.



With my warmest,

Jude Fletcher, Senior Partner