Private Client Fees.

Our Probate Service
When someone dies, we are here to help you secure the legal right to deal with their assets.

Our Private Client team is headed by David Crawley, a Partner at Fletcher Day and David and his team are here to guide you through your probate matters.

Our team are adept at handling both non-contentious and contentious probates. As a guide, we have provided an outline of our service, charges and timescales for most non-contentious probates. However, due to the unique and unpredictable nature of every contentious probate case, our service, charges and timescales will vary greatly. Please contact us directly to find out how we can help you.

What is Included

What is included in our non-contentious probate service?

For non-contentious probate matters, we divide our service into two stages. Stage 1 includes all services up to obtaining the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. Stage 2 includes services related to administering the estate. You choose whether to instruct us for one or both stages of your probate matter. Every probate case is unique, however, for non-contentious probates we have listed the services typically provided at Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Stage 1 includes, but is not limited to:

  • Collating estate information; for example writing to all financial institutions such as banks and pension providers.
  • Preparation of HMRC tax account, using either the simple form (IHT205 or IHT207) or the more detailed form (IHT400).
  • Calculation and payment of inheritance tax, where applicable.
  • Drafting Executor’s Oath.
  • Submission of all papers to the Probate Registry.
  • Obtaining Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

Stage 2 includes, but is not limited to:

  • Collecting in estate assets, for example closing bank accounts and selling shares.
  • Payment of legacies to beneficiaries, where applicable.
  • Submission of inheritance tax corrective account, where applicable.
  • Obtaining tax deduction certificates from financial institutions.
  • Completion and submission of the deceased’s final Self-Assessment Tax Return and payment of tax due (if applicable).
  • Completion of Estate Accounts for signing off by the Estate Executors.

What is Excluded

What is NOT included in our non-contentious probate service?

  • Legal challenges of the validity of the will or your entitlement to the grant of probate.
  • Challenges by beneficiaries and third parties in relation to distribution of the estate.
  • Liaising with lawyers or representatives regarding overseas elements of the estate.
  • Litigation where the estate is a claimant or defendant.
  • Standalone legal work involved in the sale of estate assets.
  • Tax advice, other than that set out above.

The services listed above typically fall into our contentious probate service. In the unfortunate event that you are faced with a contentious probate, please contact our experienced team to find out how we can help you find a solution that suits you.

Our Fees

What do we charge for non-contentious probate matters?

PARTNER£375/hour + VAT
SOLICITOR£275/hour + VAT

Our charges depend on the complexity of your probate matter, the hours of work involved and who carries out that work; please contact our team for an estimate of our charges for your specific probate matter. However, as a guide, our charges typically range as follows:

Stage 1: £1,500 to £7,500 + VAT

Stage 2: £1,500 to £7,500 + VAT


In addition to our charges, we would pass on the costs of the following disbursements where applicable:

  • Probate Registry application fee: £155 (+£0.50 per additional copy)
  • HMLR Office Copy entries: £3.00 (per entry per search)
  • Death Certificate copies: £9.25 (per copy)

We would usually discuss these additional costs with you in advance. Whilst our fees do attract VAT, the disbursements above do not.


What is the timescale for our non-contentious probate service?

Stage 1: up to obtaining Grant of Probate: approximately 3 – 6 months

Stage 2: from Grant to end of Estate administration: approximately 3 – 6 months