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Domestic Violence Solicitors

Domestic violence or domestic abuse is any incident of threatening behaviour, or abuse (psychological physical, sexual, financial or emotional) between people who are or have been partners or family members. Anyone can experience domestic violence regardless of race, ethnicity, religious group, class, sexuality, disability or lifestyle. This is why it is important to know where you can find helpful advice from dedicated domestic violence solicitors.

Domestic violence or abuse may include the following areas:

  • physical abuse – slapping, hitting, slapping, biting, hair pulling or burning
  • emotional/psychological abuse – verbal abuse, humiliation, blaming, isolation from family and friends
  • sexual abuse – unwanted sexual contact, rape or being encouraged to take part in sexual acts you don’t want to be a part of
  • financial abuse – being kept without money, having to account for everything you spend or being prevented from getting or keeping a job
  • harassment – being watched, being followed, receiving unwanted phone calls or text messages.

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