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Our work ranges from start-ups through funding rounds to complex M&As for established businesses.

Situated in the heart of the City, our experienced corporate lawyers in London are embedded in one of the world’s most dynamic financial and commercial hubs, allowing us to embrace progressive ideas, movements, businesses, and partnerships at their point of origin. This results in a unique workplace culture that prides itself on its professionalism, innovation, and highly developed expertise.

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The corporate world is fast-paced and demanding. Our experienced corporate legal experts and services team tackle this with their dynamic approach to both business and law. Our work ranges from start-ups through funding rounds to complex M&As for established businesses. No matter your circumstance, we offer not just a meticulous and progressive understanding of the law but a nuanced insight into current commercial pressures and prevailing market conditions. We draw on expertise from an extensive team of corporate solicitors, liaising with our commercial propertydispute resolution and property litigation teams where appropriate, allowing us to provide you with comprehensive and creative advice from the finest minds in their respective fields, so your business can thrive.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate finance
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Start-ups and scale-ups
  • Real estate finance
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Partnerships
  • Corporate governance advisory

“The Corporate Team at Fletcher Day are consistently pragmatic and commercial; they really understand us and our business. We have utter faith in their ability to get the best possible result for us and to provide constructive solutions to our legal issues.”

– Fletcher Day business client

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    How can you help with mergers and acquisitions?

    Our M&A corporate lawyers are highly experienced in advising both buyers and sellers in respect of the purchase or sale of a business. We prioritise handling the complexities of M&A transactions in a timely manner.

    If you are looking to purchase or take over a business, we will perform a meticulous due diligence process to highlight and mitigate any risks, ensuring your interests are protected and safeguarding the long-term prosperity of the business.

    If you are looking to sell your business, we strive to ensure that you realise the full value of the business whilst allowing you to move forward to pastures new with peace of mind once the sale is complete.

    We can also advise as to the methods of purchase or sale available to you and how these may benefit you from a commercial and tax perspective.

    How can you help with corporate finance?

    With a comprehensive understanding of the regulations that govern financing methods, our corporate services team is ideally positioned to assist your business in managing fund raising and financing processes. Facilitating the growth of your business is at the forefront of what we do. Our thorough and comprehensive approach to corporate financing ensures that you are free to take on finance while running your business with as little restriction as possible.

    How can you help with private equity?

    Our dedicated Private Equity lawyers help clients determine the terms on which they wish to make an investment and have a wealth of experience advising in respect of the optimal investment structure. We are highly experienced in drafting/reviewing the investment documents and in advising in respect of exit strategies. Protecting the value of your investment is our priority, while still ensuring you have the level of control you want for the duration of your investment.

    At Fletcher Day, we also advise businesses in respect of funding rounds, taking on investment, Management Buyouts and Buy-Ins and equity and debt restructuring. Whatever your needs our lawyers can assist to ensure that the financing and equity structures of the business meet its needs and allow it to flourish commercially.

    How can you help with venture capital?

    With direct experience of the challenges many new businesses face when trying to finance their growth, we’re the ideal partner for any ambitious company searching for investment or any investor seeking to invest. From an investor's perspective we minimise risk, while trying to maximise reward, by safeguarding your rights and desired level of control of the business. From a company's perspective, we work to make your company more appealing to potential investors. For all parties involved, we seek to ensure the mechanisms are in place to mitigate risk and maximise profit whilst ensuring your interests are protected.

    How can you help with start-ups and scale-ups?

    Having developed a reputation for excellence amongst progressive start-ups looking to finance the growth of their businesses intelligently and effectively, we feel confident in saying that we’re your go-to SEIS, EIS and VCT advisers. Our corporate law team will advise on how to manage investment in these schemes, as well as detailing the benefits and legal responsibilities involved in each. We work alongside investors to maximise the benefit of their investments and we work with start-ups to ensure their share structures and constitutional documentation are SEIS and EIS compliant, increasing the appeal of the company to investors.

    How can you help with real estate finance?

    We have a long history of working within the real estate sector and consider it one of our key areas of expertise. This allows us to advise and manage the real estate and development financing processes in relation to a wide range of commercial properties and developments, safeguarding our clients' interests throughout the transaction process. We understand the difficulties and delays often involved in commercial real estate and development projects. Efficiency is key to our approach to the financing processes, to allow you to concentrate on managing your project as freely as possible despite any lender restrictions or construction delays.

    How can you help with shareholder agreements?

    Our corporate lawyers regularly advise individual shareholders and companies regarding shareholder agreements that document the agreed relationships, rights, privileges and protections as between the shareholders and the company. We strive to reflect the desired levels of control of the business in respect of each party and ensure that appropriate dispute procedures are clearly set out along with mechanisms to realise the profits of the business through dividends and distributions. Certainty and clarity are crucial to protecting your interests and we can provide this through drafting an appropriate agreement for your needs.

    How can you help with partnerships?

    Our highly experienced corporate lawyers understand the importance of safeguarding your interests within any partnership. Our lawyers approach partnerships from both an individual and a collective perspective to ensure your rights are protected and the partnership is free to run its day-to-day business.

    How can you help with corporate governance and advisory?

    Our Corporate Governance expertise allows us to advise clients on the processes of corporate decision making and management, ensuring you are free to run the business whilst protecting its best interests.