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Whether you’re negotiating complex sponsorship and representation agreements or require legal assistance navigating labyrinth disciplinary and anti-doping regulations, our team of Sports solicitors in London are on hand to provide expert legal advice built on years of close collaboration with some of the world’s most prestigious Sport stakeholders.

As Sport constitutes one of the largest entertainment industries in the world, we draw on our entire professional network to provide you with relevant legal expertise. Our sports solicitors regularly work closely with several high-profile clients to design comprehensive individual contracts. We also specialise in advising on intermediary and agency issues, particularly sponsorship deals. Our experience extends to managing dispute resolution processes, whether that be arbitration, mediation or whichever avenue is best suited to your needs.

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Talent knows no borders, and Sport organisations increasingly look to international markets for the employees they require. Renowned as progressive, forward-thinking and highly capable immigration lawyers, we’re able to facilitate your search for the best and the brightest. In a global industry, in which Sport teams, leagues, and individuals compete on an international stage, being able to hire the best in the business is vital to success.

At Fletcher Day, our expert sports lawyers understand what needs to be done to further your commercial goals, and we defend your interests with the rigour and passion you would expect from a firm that is fully invested in your success.

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    How can you help with agency & intermediary agreements?

    The growing power of intermediaries in the Sport industries has resulted in a slew of new regulations governing their behaviour. Our extensive experience of drafting contracts with agencies and agents ensures that your commercial interests are protected and that all agreements are in keeping with your business objectives. We work with many start up agents, growing alongside them, developing long-term productive relationships as we go. Many of our clients come through word of mouth, a testament to the practical and commercial advice we provide while fostering meaningful relationships with clients.

    How can you help with dispute resolution?

    Although undesirable, sometimes disputes arise. In these situations, we aim to understand your dispute in the context of your business needs, aiming to resolve conflicts in a swift and thorough manner. We understand diagnosing the issue quickly is a crucial step, after which, we present sound and commercially aware solutions. Our Sport law team has an excellent track record of accuracy and precision in our diagnoses of the potential outcomes of any given solution, so that you can proceed with your case, fully informed. With a comprehensive understanding of the entire range of mediation and arbitration mechanisms available, and working together with our dispute resolution team , we’re well equipped to protect your business in any dispute resolution process.

    How can you help with disciplinary & regulatory issues?

    In a world dominated by compliance, your business may be faced with issues such as discrimination, financial fair play, anti-doping amongst others. Building on from our comprehensive experience in dispute resolution, we are well versed to protect your interests when it comes to these types of issues.

    How can you help with costs & litigation funding?

    If you're pursuing litigation and are concerned about the financial resources required to do so, we're able to advise on the best way to minimise your exposure to undesirable legal costs. We have experience of working together by sharing risks with our clients by means of offering Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), Damages Based Agreements (DBAs), hybrid CFAs, insurance and third-party funding mechanisms and can prepare your business for upcoming litigation.

    How can you help with immigration?

    The success of modern Sport teams depends on free access to a large pool of international athletes, coaches, managers, scientists, and administrators. Immigration has been a Fletcher Day speciality since its inception and our ability to work across borders and in multiple languages is key to our success in this challenging field of law.

    How can you help with marketing, rights distribution & protection?

    We understand that your brand may well be your most valuable asset and will leverage all of our legal expertise and experience protecting it from misuse. In this respect, our experience operating across international boundaries and in multiple languages is of particular relevance.