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Whether you’re a business looking to recruit personnel from overseas or an individual who wants to move to a new job or invest in the UK, our business immigration lawyers are here to guide you through the complex process of visa application.

Our multi-lingual business immigration solicitors can assist clients in Arabic, Cantonese, English, Farsi, French, Mandarin, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian. Our experience in cross-border matters ensures we have a thorough understanding of the culture and legal systems across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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An in-depth knowledge of the UK Visa and Immigration system combined with real-world commercial insight allows us to provide individuals and businesses with the best possible guidance on immigration matters. With proven expertise and a strong track record, our team of business immigration solicitors find innovative solutions to simplify this often-difficult process and bring you the best outcome, as efficiently as possible. We are recognised in the Legal 500 for our experience in Immigration; in particular advising high-net worth individuals on investor applications and advising individual clients on the entrepreneur visa route. We hold Trusted Referrer Status for an endorsing body, Innovate Britain, equipping us to provide more efficient service for our clients.

The changing landscape of immigration law

In recent years it has become more difficult for businesses to recruit staff from overseas. The immigration rules for individuals coming to the UK from anywhere outside the European Economic Area (EEA) were tightened up, with many routes closing altogether. Thereafter, Brexit removed EEA nationals’ rights to live and work freely in the UK, and now the same rules that applied to non-EEA nationals will apply to EEA nationals who first enter the UK after 1 July 2021. This has resulted in many businesses applying to become licensed sponsors in order to employ staff from outside the UK.

The Home Office guidance is notoriously difficult to find and follow, and it can be almost impossible for individuals and businesses to navigate the immigration process alone. Add to this the speed at which changes are often made to the immigration rules, and it is easy to see how applications may get refused for avoidable reasons. Applicants are unable to get the considerable application fees refunded if their application fails.

The fact is, though, that we live in an age of increasing globalisation and to find the best talent you often need to look outside the UK. The UK is also an attractive market for overseas investors and entrepreneurs who wish to build new businesses here or invest in existing businesses, as well as a world-renowned place to study. Our business immigration solicitors are here to work alongside you not only to fulfil any immediate need for hiring staff from outside the UK but also to help you prepare for changes within the immigration system more effectively.

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    What are Exceptional Talent Visas?

    For those who show exceptional talent or promise in the arts, science, humanities, tech, or medicine, the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa provides an entry route into the UK. Successful applicants can freelance or set-up as self-employed and can apply for Settled Status after a qualifying period. Our immigration solicitors can help you seek endorsement and submit an application on your behalf. As a full-service commercial law firm, we can also look after all your business law needs, including contract negotiation, protecting and enforcing your intellectual property rights, and advising on commercial property leases.

    What are Investor Visas?

    Aimed at high-net-worth individuals who have more than £2 million to invest in qualifying UK enterprises, the Investor Visa provides an option for you and your family to obtain British Citizenship. Our immigration lawyers work closely with your advisors, ensuring your visa application is processed quickly and smoothly. In addition, we can continue to advise you over the life of your Tier 1 Investor Visa, ensuring your investment portfolio remains compliant with settlement criteria. Our team can also make valuable introductions to estate agents, wealth advisors, banks, and private schools.

    What are skilled worker visas?

    Our immigration lawyers successfully assist highly-skilled, talented applicants from multiple sectors with entering the UK on a Tier 2 Visa. Once your eligibility has been determined, we help you and your family members in collating the required supporting documentation. If our immigration team identify any potential weaknesses in your application, we can produce a covering letter to address these, preventing any unnecessary delays.

    What is an Innovator Visa?

    The Innovator Visa replaces the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa and is designed to provide entry for those who want to grow their enterprise within the UK. Applicants must have a minimum of £50,000 in investment funds, receive an endorsement from an approved body, present a clear business plan and pass the English language requirement. Our immigration solicitors will work closely with you to assist applicants in meeting these criteria. In addition, the immigration team will provide a full business law service by introducing you to our commercial property, corporate and employment law departments.

    As a firm we hold Trusted Referrer Status with Innovate Britain, one of the few selected endorsing bodies for the Innovator Visa that the Home Office trusts to make endorsements. This allows us direct access to their team for assessment on potential endorsement and opens up new opportunities for our clients that are considering the Innovator Visa.

    What is a Representative of an Overseas Business Visa?

    The Representative of an Overseas Business Visa allows non-EEA organisations to send a nominated senior employee to reside and work in the UK with the express purpose of establishing a subsidiary or opening a branch office. Our immigration lawyers ensure your company’s application meets the eligibility criteria, assist in detailing the visa holder’s extensive industry knowledge, and help collate the evidence required to prove the primary purpose of the visa is establishing a commercial presence in the UK.

    What is a Start-up Visa?

    The UK Start-up Visa offers an entry route for those at the beginning stages of launching a business venture. Our solicitors assist in proving that you’ve been endorsed by an approved body, have a credible business plan and meet the English language requirements. We’ll also ensure you have access to our commercial property, corporate, and employment law departments, who will provide the legal advice you require to succeed in the UK.

    What are Sponsor Licence Applications

    To recruit from outside the EEA, employers must hold a Tier 2 or Tier 5 Sponsor Licence. Strict eligibility criteria apply. Our business immigration lawyers will visit your business premises and conduct a robust audit of your HR systems to ensure you’re in compliance with Sponsor Licence regulations. We’ll also advise you on preparing for a Home Office visit and work with you to prepare a successful application. This includes collecting and collating the required supporting documentation. We will then assist you with acquiring your Certificates of Sponsorship and bringing identified talent into the UK on a Tier 2 Visa.

    Can you help with Tier 2 Visas?

    Our business immigration team successfully assist highly-skilled, talented applicants from multiple sectors with entering the UK on a Tier 2 Visa. Once your eligibility has been determined, we help you and your family members to collate the required supporting documentation. If our immigration team identify any potential weaknesses in your application, we can produce a covering letter to address these, preventing any unnecessary delays.