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If your business needs to seek advice on anything regarding solicitors’ costs and litigation funding, our solicitors can provide comprehensive and thorough guidance.

Be it pursuing or opposing a claim for costs, costs management, advice on compliance, procedure, or mitigating risks, our team has the in-depth knowledge and breadth of experience to assist you.

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Costs & litigation funding for high-value complex cases

We specialise in high-value and complex cases and attend detailed assessments, costs budgeting hearings and costs appeals throughout the country on behalf of some of the country’s most highly regarded law firms.

Our considerable expertise in costs and litigation funding for business allows us to provide intelligent, tailored solutions for your business, whatever your legal costs needs. Leveraging the expertise and talent within our team, we take a strategic approach to fulfilling your legal objectives and work with you to protect your interests.

Expert advice for individuals

Our costs and litigation funding team are here to guide you through the broad range of contentious and non-contentious issues that can arise in these areas. If you are concerned about the fees that you have been ordered to pay, fees that you have been charged by another solicitor, financing an upcoming case or are looking to mitigate the financial risk typically associated with litigation, we are here to help. Whether you need us to advocate on your behalf in a costs management hearing, draft a CFA, or advise on how to obtain a Wasted Costs Order, we will provide you with sensible and practical guidance tailored for your unique set of circumstances.

Tailored advice

We work together with you to develop a thorough understanding of your situation and the outcomes you want to achieve. We can then give you a clear picture of the costs involved and the financing options available to you, ensuring that all our advice is communicated in a clear, comprehensible manner. Ultimately, we want to empower you with the information you need to choose the best course of action.

We use our wealth of experience and expertise to ensure the long-term security of your assets and interests. Our solicitors also recognise that this can be a testing time for clients and approach every case in an empathetic manner, equipping you with the confidence to pursue your claim. Whether your issue pertains to a commercial dispute, catastrophic injury, employment issue, real estate, or tax law; we will make the relevant experts available to you as and when you require their guidance.

“Quality people to work with and they get results. Enjoy working with their London and Manchester team.”

– Fletcher Day business client

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    How can you help with costs litigation & advocacy?

    Our team have vast experience of both receiving and paying party work in complex, high-value cases and are the first choice for many of the country's top firms. Our advocates can attend the full range of costs hearings throughout England and Wales, including detailed assessments, costs management hearings and costs appeals. Our drafting team are all experienced at dealing with seven-figure costs cases and can produce Bills of Costs, Points of Dispute, Replies and Precedent H costs budgets of the highest quality. We work tirelessly to secure the very best outcomes for our clients.

    How can you help with mediation?

    Mediation is often preferred to litigation due to the way it can result in a speedy resolution and make more financial sense than taking the matter to the courts. Our team have considerable mediation experience and understand the human, commercial, and legal dynamics at play to help you achieve the best outcomes. We are frequently instructed to assist with the mediation of the costs aspects of wider disputes.

    How can you help with retainer & funding advice?

    We have considerable experience in drafting bespoke retainers, including Damages Based Agreements (DBAs), Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) and Collective Conditional Fee Agreements (CCFAs). Having worked with clients across a range of industries, we can leverage our in-depth business knowledge to advise on how best to structure your retainer and funding arrangements.

    How can you help with solicitor & own client disputes?

    We have many years of experience acting on behalf of both solicitors and business clients, we understand the dynamics at play in solicitor and own client disputes. Our business costs specialists will ensure that your interests are protected.

    How can you help with third-party costs & wasted costs orders?

    Our experience of holding third parties to account for legal costs means that we are ideally positioned to represent your business when pursuing Third-Party Costs Orders and Wasted Costs Orders. We understand when such orders are applicable, as well as how to ensure they are granted, and can bring specialist knowledge to bear from across our team to ensure that you are aware of the full spectrum of options available to you.