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Having worked extensively with both employers and employees, our employment lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of both positions, allowing us to provide you with expert legal advice founded on an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics involved in employment disputes.

We understand that issues with an employer can be intimidating and overwhelming. Our employment solicitors work closely with you to understand your personal situation and we develop a close-knit working relationship so you can trust us to act in your best interest and deliver the best results for your individual circumstances.

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Support and representation for discrimination

A large proportion of the work we carry out for employees falls under the area of discrimination. We understand discrimination can occur for a number of reasons in the work place and can be emotionally taxing and distressing. Our breadth of experience in these cases and our commitment to responding supportively with empathy, means you will have an experienced employment law solicitor on your side throughout the process.

Providing you with knowledgeable employment advice

Our employment law services range significantly from representing employees as claimants in Employment Tribunal matters, to negotiating settlement agreements, to advising on workplace grievance or disciplinary procedures. We ensure that all the advice you receive is presented clearly and concisely, communicating plainly with you.

Our progressive and creative approach will explore the range of legal options available in your circumstances, to achieve the best possible result. From conciliation with ACAS through to pre-litigation negotiations, settlement agreements, and representation in the courts; our employment solicitors reject narrow legal ‘in-the-box’ thinking, and ensure you are presented with all the options to achieve a result tailored to you.

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    How can you help with a breach of contract & wrongful dismissal?

    In dealing with breach of contract and wrongful dismissal we prioritise developing a close working relationship with our clients to ensure we understand your individual needs and can tailor our employment law service accordingly. We navigate the complexities of breach of contract cases to determine whether you have a case against an employer. Our personalised approach ensures we’re on your side and will deliver the best result in your circumstances whether that be litigation, conciliation, or judicial mediation.

    How can you help with unfair dismissal claims?

    If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed, whether that be a redundancy without your employer following the necessary procedures, or substantive unfairness regarding performance, capability or long-term absence, we can help you pursue your claim. Employment law is constantly evolving, but we ensure we stay up-to-date on the latest legislative developments to deliver you with the finest advice for your situation.

    How can you help with disciplinary procedures?

    Whether you're unaware of your rights in a disciplinary hearing, or feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of one, our employment law solicitors will review your contract and relevant disciplinary procedures to ensure you have a fair hearing. We will not only review your contract but also explore the nuances of your situation, then provide a frank assessment of your situation and your options. We understand these procedures can often be intimidating as an employee, but we're here to offer our expert reassurance and support to get you through the process. And if your hearing doesn't go as you hoped, we're able to walk you through your alternative options and rights of appeal.

    How can you help with discrimination?

    Whether it be associated with disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or maternity and pregnancy, our employment lawyers have in-depth experience and expertise in discrimination cases. We understand that these instances can occur both directly and indirectly in the workplace, and that they can result in victimisation and harassment which can be both stressful and emotionally taxing. It's crucial to us not only to defend your rights but make sure we listen to your concerns and handle these cases with the understanding and empathy they require.

    How can you help with employment tribunal claims?

    It is a long and complex process to get to a tribunal hearing, but we will help you navigate each stage along the way with clear and concise advice. We will help you prepare your case, so it stands the best chance of success, making sure you have sufficient documentation and evidence available. Whilst we will ensure you are prepared for your best chances in the case of a hearing, we will also act in your best interests throughout the process to explore alternative solutions which may avoid litigation where possible.

    How can you help with grievances in the workplace?

    At Fletcher Day, we understand that workplace grievances are not always easy to pursue. While grievances occur internally between an employer and employee, we will help you formulate your grievance and give you clear and pragmatic advice to prepare you for your case. Our strategic approach means we are mindful of the consequences of raising a grievance and will investigate the other options available to you, to ensure the best outcome for you in the long run.

    How can you help with settlement agreements?

    Settlement Agreements are now very common; we have advised on a substantial amount of these documents and understand that negotiation is key. Our employment law solicitors look at all aspects of your situation, including reviewing and carefully assessing the background leading up to the settlement, to provide an accurate assessment of your case. This allows us to determine whether we are able to improve upon any settlement you have been offered. We will explore all possibilities within the agreement to deliver you with the best possible result.