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As sport constitutes one of the largest entertainment industries in the world, we draw on our entire professional network to provide you with relevant legal expertise.

Our experienced sport lawyers provide expert legal guidance, while also drawing on hard-won knowledge to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed as we pursue your interests. Our solicitors regularly work closely with several high-profile clients to design comprehensive individual contracts. We also specialise in advising on intermediary and agency issues, particularly sponsorship deals.

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Our experience extends to managing dispute resolution processes, whether that be arbitration, mediation or whichever avenue is best suited to your needs. We are also able to represent you in an anti-doping case or provide guidance in disciplinary procedures.

While expertise in sport is essential, our team of Sport lawyers also recognise that athletes perform in an environment that overlaps with several other legal disciplines. Whether it’s advice regarding costs and litigation, immigration issues, or taxation concerns, we’re able to draw on specialist knowledge from across an extensive team of legal professionals in our firm.

Our international experience also ensures that we’re perfectly at home operating in global sport industries, while our multilingual team is ready to work on your behalf in a wide range of international jurisdictions.

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    Can you help with Agency & Intermediary Agreements?

    The use of agencies and intermediaries is a hot topic in Sport and has been the subject of considerable regulatory change. Our sport solicitors ensure you’re aware of the latest regulatory developments and we will advise you as to how they may affect you. Our extensive experience of drafting contracts with agencies and agents ensures that your interests are safeguarded.

    Can you help with Dispute Resolution & Disciplinary Issues?

    Although undesirable, sometimes disputes arise. We understand diagnosing the issue quickly is a crucial step, after which, we present sound and commercially aware solutions. With a comprehensive understanding of the entire range of mediation and arbitration mechanisms available and working together with our dispute resolution team, we’re well equipped to protect your personal interests in any dispute resolution process.

    Building on from our comprehensive experience in dispute resolution, we are well versed to protect your interests in disciplinary issues as well. Compliance is key, and we will assist in any anti-doping or other disciplinary issues that may arise.

    Can you help with Individual Contracts & Employment Agreements?

    Our sport lawyers are experienced in drafting comprehensive contracts for athletes and other Sport professionals. We're able to recognise potential pitfalls, advise on existing contracts, and negotiate on your behalf to secure the terms you deserve.

    Can you help with Marketing Rights Distribution & Protection?

    We understand that your brand may well be your most valuable asset and are willing to leverage all of our legal expertise and experience protecting it from misuse. In this respect, our experience operating across international borders and in multiple languages is of particular relevance.

    Can you help with Costs & Litigation Funding?

    If you're pursuing litigation and are concerned about the financial resources required to do so, our Sport lawyers are able to advise on the best way to minimise your exposure to undesirable legal costs. We have experience of risk sharing agreements (through which we run the risk with you), specific insurance and third-party funding mechanisms and can prepare you for upcoming litigation.

    Can you help with Immigration matters?

    With a comprehensive understanding of UK and international immigration processes, we’re equipped to streamline the movement of athletes across international borders. Our expertise ensures that we’re able to match your specific circumstances to the appropriate visa and smooth the application process, minimising waiting times wherever possible.